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Why Remanufactured?

Every Breville Remanufactured product goes through a rigorous multi-step process that restores and tests each product, so they meet the same standards as our new products. While some manufacturers simply swap out old parts for new, we re-build ours from the ground up, to make sure that you get something that we'd be proud to sell. Each unit comes with a full 6 month warranty for your peace of mind.

What Am I Getting?

Breville Certified Remanufactured Products are Breville products which have been returned by retailers and may or may not have been used or purchased previously by an end consumer. While only some products are returned due to technical issues, all products undergo Breville's stringent quality and remanufacturing process.

Breville-certified. Always.

For a Breville product to bear the “Certified Remanufactured” logo it must be fully inspected, cleaned and tested to Breville's remanufacturing standards prior to being offered for sale. All Certified Remanufactured Products are 100% functional to our factory specifications but may exhibit some minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches, marks or discolorations. 

Fully Inspected.

  • Each unit is:

  • *Fully cleaned. Any food contacting parts are also sanitized.

  • *Tested to ensure any identified defective components are replaced with original Breville replacement parts.

  • *Inspected to Breville quality assurance standards.

  • *Repackaged into a new box bearing the “Certified Remanufactured” logo.